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MTS Telenor VIP

SMS for media

This is the most frequent and most popular type of SMS services that enables radio listeners and TV viewers to send their comments, order songs or to vote by sending a message to a premium number. The station receives these messages in real time, while charging for their services.

Daily newspapers, magazines and other written media can communicate with their readers using SMS services – the readers can join the reader’s club, send questions, comments, participate in quizzes, register for receiving significant information, all via SMS and according to current regulations (pdf - 175.8KB).

SMS for TV

Starion enables its clients free use of TV software. For all details about obtaining and using the software please contact us by phone or on info@starionbgd.com.

SMS for internet

Starion enables internet users to buy internet time from their providers by sending a message to a premium number.

SMS fun

Meeting the demands of our clients, we have come up with a number of amusing but educational SMS services as well, designed for a wide auditorium. These services can be simply and quickly implemented to your premium number:

· SMS name
· SMS horoscope
· Horoscope signs compatibility
· What were you in previous life?


SMS medicine

This service enables the user to activate a reminder via their mobile phone, or to be precise by SMS, for taking a medicine. At the appointed time, which is set by the user, a message is received as a reminder for taking a medicine. The user will receive these messages until the completion of his/her therapy. more...